CARE, Puntland’s Ministry of Education Jointly Launch a program to Encourage Students Education.

This program titled ‘’Education Light’’ aimed at encouraging students not to leave studies in-order to be successful in life, additionally the event urged school drop-outs to get back to school.

Gambool School Principal Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed speaking at the event said ‘’everyone should be involved in raising awareness the community on the importance of education for the children and the benefits that can be inherited’’.

Fatuma Saed Nur, who spoke on behalf of the parents, urged students to take advantage of their opportunities and tell their colleagues to return to the School and build their future.

Ahmed Sheikh Abdulahi, from the CARE Agency noted that education is the backbone of every society, so we need to work hard to ensure great achievements, parents should invest in the educational development of their children’’

The event, which was attended by officials from the Puntland Ministry of Education, the State Education Authority, CARE officials, Gambool’s administration and teachers watched a drama presented by the students about the benefits of education in which they underlined that drop-outs who easily leave their studies will end up in a bad place.

Nugaal Region Education Commissioner Abdisamed Sheikh Hamud urged parents to take students to educational institutions in order to build their knowledge and skills


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