Puntland officials, partners visit education centers in Qardho

A delegate led by Puntland Education Minister Abdulahi Mohamed Hasan accompanied by officials from Save the Children and CARE International made a field visit to Qardho town to oversee the progress of education programs. The program called “Education is light” which is funded by EU and implemented by CARE and Save the Children in close coordination with the Ministry of Education. The Minister officially cut the ribbon off a new education center in Karkar region that was rehabilitated by CARE. During the ceremony, the head of education programs in Karkar region, Mahad Yusuf Ga’yte thanked CARE and EU for taking part in improving education facilities in Karkar region. Puntland Education Minister reiterated that “Education is Light” program will have great outcomes in the education sector in Puntland region. The delegate also visited education centers that benefit from the program, among it Haaji Osman school and Mubtada school. The Education Minister also officially cut the ribbon off a lab center that is used for lab practical lectures. The initiative “Education is light” started in 2012 and funded by EU. The program helped to enroll thousands of students, rehabilitate existent education centers and build new ones.

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