Puntland’s Ministry of Education recieves a new ”education projects database management systems” from Save the Children.

Garowe, April 27, 2021

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Puntland has taken over from Save the Children and IL-Software Company, a database that will assist the ministry in storing and coordinating projects implemented by the Ministry of Education in Puntland.

The handover ceremony held at the Ministry’s office in Garowe was attended by Puntland Ministry of Education officials, teachers and Save the Children officials.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ahmed Mohamed Farah, head of education department of Save the Children, and Mohamed Abdullahi Casayr, head of Save the Children’s projects, said that Save the Children has always supported the development of the education sector through the Puntland Ministry of Education, noting that the database will an additional asset that will contribute to the Puntland Ministry of Education’s efforts in advancing the state’s academic standard.

The Director of the Puntland Ministry of Education, Mohamed Ali Farah, stated that the Database will make it easier for the Puntland community to be attentive of the work being done including the programs implemented by the Puntland Ministry of Education”,  said Mohamed Ali Farah, director general of the Puntland Ministry of Education.

Puntland Minister of Education Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan praised Save and IL-Software Company for developing the program to store projects implemented by the Puntland Ministry of Education, adding that the database is an added value and will go a long way in managing the projects.

“I would like to thank Save the Children for providing us with this vital database that has took 5years efforts to develop, I pledge that my ministry will work towards achieving its intended goal’’, said Puntland’s Education Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan.

The database, which is a repository of projects in Puntland implemented by the Puntland Ministry of Education, was funded by Save the Children and developed by IL-Software.



Photos from the ceremony;

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