Translation of Training Manual for Judicial Authorities of the Puntland State of Somalia on Gender Responsive Justice Based on Anti Rape Law.


The Ministry of Justice, Religious affairs, Constitution and Rehabilitation of Puntland state   of Somalia is the strategic partner of the UN Women’s Joint Justice Programme for establishing an independent and accountable justice institutions capable of addressing the justice needs of the people of Somalia by delivering justice for all specially, women access to justice is a priority to ensure the rights and   accessible justice services for the Women and girls. The UN Women Rule of Law (RoL) Portfolio implements the 30-month Joint Justice Programme together with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), UNICEF, UNDP and IDLO.

2.0 About the Assignment

The development and adoption of the Puntland Rape Act marked the beginning of a new phase in the fight against sexual offences in Puntland, providing by this a response to the outbreak of violence against women and children in the country.

While adopting the Puntland Rape Act has performed a crucial role in raising awareness and sensitizing civil and professional communities on SGBV, with the broader outcome of ending the widespread culture of impunity surrounding the SGBV offences.

Notwithstanding these significant achievements, a critical gap remains in the area of criminal prosecution and sentencing the SGBV related offences. The ratio of the SGBV cases reported and those sentenced remains very low.

Against this background, the Manual provides a user-friendly tool to guide judiciary of Puntland on how to bring SGBV cases to trial, ensure effective prosecution and sentencing, while supporting the victims throughout the process in order to build the confidence of victims, witnesses and other parties in the justice system of Puntland.

The Manual was discussed and reviewed by key stakeholders including the national Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Women and Human Rights, as well as Judges, Prosecutors, national CSOs – service providers, and UNWomen Programme team.

Every section of the Manual is ended by the short tables providing training units with the methodology of TOT training of the issues listed in the section.

Thus, the objectives of the training are:

  • to give the Judicial Authorities in Puntland a better understanding of the framework of national and international laws relevant to Gender Responsive Justice Based on the Anti Rape Law;
  • to develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills of Judicial Authorities in Puntland so that they can participate fully in proceeding and combating the SGBV in Puntland;
  • to bridge the gap between theory and practice of the SGBV in Puntland relevant to Judicial Authorities so that they behave more respectfully and professionally.


The translator will be required to translate Training Manual for Judicial Authorities of the Puntland State of Somalia on Gender Responsive Justice Based on Anti Rape Law

Duration of the Translator Position advertisement 02-12-2020 up to 08-12-2020


The translator will undertake the following duties and responsibilities and will be expected to;

  • Make written translation and submit translation in word processed document
  • Proof Read and edit the document
  • Share draft translation with the Ministry team; Incorporate suggested changes to the translation
  • All texts, including texts contained in figures, boxes, captions, sources and covers requires translation and proofreading
  • Ensure high quality and accuracy of the entire document before submitting it to the user department
  • Ensure accuracy of the terms and terminology used in the documents
  • Ensure that the translation is written with style, correct grammar and spelling, and Complete the work within the agreed timeline and submit the final translation in soft copy


  • Ensure that the translation text is technically, linguistically and grammatically correct, error free and it should meet high quality standards, and would not need further editing after completion of translation. Professional translation from English to Somalia
  • Provide accurate and timely translation to the satisfaction of the Ministry standards.
  • The translated materials should be provided to Ministry of Justice after completion of the required services in soft copy
  • Translation shall be done within the stipulated deadlines in the work order


The applicant is requested to submit the following:

  • Personal CV, indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate
  • Financial quotes using per standard

Starting Date of Advertainment will be 02-12-2020

Deadline of the advertisement will be 08-12-2020

You can bring the hard copy documents to MOJCRAR Head Quatre

And send the supporting documents to

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